When I first started painting, oils were  my medium  of choice and landscape was the only subject that I painted  I loved the texture and forgiveness that the medium offered and enjoyed the soft creamy paints a lot. Back then, I would use watercolors to make thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook. But oil painting took longer to dry and I am very impatient when it comes to my art. I need instant gratification and that was not possible with oils which needed to be painted in layers and sometimes took months to complete.  Slowly over the years I transitioned into painting exclusively with watercolors. I began to enjoy the fluidity and ethereal look that only deep richly pigmented watercolors could offer...need I mention that it it dries quickly !

Even though I have painted a myriad of subjects, my favorite still remains landscapes, & street scenes. I do enjoy painting bright and cheery flowers and attempt a little bird or a bit of wildlife in between. My personal favorite and most popular with clients who so kindly love to collect my work, has recently been the Eagle. 

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