Here is a little blurb about me!

I am a trained textile designer and a self taught watercolor artist and have been painting for over 20 years, specializing in florals.  My husband and I  live in the quiet suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I find watercolor the most spontaneous and expressive medium to work with and painting in itself to be extremely calming and meditative. I paint intuitively most of the time. I rarely ever use a sketch and let the water and pigment do its job. I let the painting speak to me and often, let it take the direction it wants to go. 

Growing up with a grandmother who loved to narrate stories, I try to incorporate that storytelling into my artwork. I let my expressive brushstrokes tell a story.. I love to paint on a large full sheet of mould made cotton paper and usually favor a loose and fluid  style of painting. 


I try my  best to share what I know through my blog 'The Storyteller' and my YouTube channel and encourage my viewers to pick up a brush and start enjoying the world of color. I have also provided watercolor tutorial videos for 'Online Card Classes'

After more than 3 years of blogging, I decided to answer my readers most common question.."do you sell your greeting cards? "
..July 2015, I opened the doors to my Etsy shop so that people could now have access to my artwork and I has never been as excited about something as much as this little platform to showcase my work! 

As an ode to a fast disappearing dialect that I speak which is heavily influenced by Sanskrit, I decided to name my brandand shop SANKETI , a language spoken by a very small community. I had always been extremely fond of it's uniqueness and even though English has taken over my daily life, I still make an effort to speak it from time to time and named my brand the same, just to keep me connected to my roots!

My work has been published in various magazines including Stamper's Sampler, CARDS and has recently been featured in Voyage Chicago magazine. I have been a part of design teams for companies including Yasutomo, Faber Castell, Unity Stamp Company and Crafter's Companion

In 2016 and 2017 I collaborated with ClubScrap and have three scrapbook paper collections with them...  Watercolor Christmas and Dahlia and Orchard collections

In 2017, I collaborated with VIDA to bring a collection of cashmere/silk scarves to life. My watercolors are printed on these scarves and I take pride that every purchase from VIDA helps someone get educated, thanks to the literacy program that VIDA offers.

I am so glad that you took the time to stop by and I hope you find that special piece of art that truly speaks to you! 

yours ARTfully,


Swarup is a variant of the name Swarupa ..pronounced as SWaa-Ruw-P  . Origin- Sanskrit.